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GensAce Imars III Smart

GensAce Imars III Smart Charger

Gens Tattu | Balance RC Battery Charger 26,4 V | 100 W | 5A | 2S/6S | US$68.99 Caractéristiques du chargeur: Chargeur de balance CA à canal...
Diatone Hey Tina Whoop

Diatone Hey Tina Whoop

Spécification: Nom de marque : Diatone Modèle : Tina Whoop163 Empattement : 86 mm Caméra: RUNCAM NANO2 VTX : MAMBA TX400MW  ou TBS UNIFY PRO 5V FC : MAMBA F411AIO...
TransTEC Demon Race ToothPick

TransTEC Demon Race – ToothPick

TOOTHPICK FPV Spécifications: Marque: TransTEC Modèle: Demon Race Nom de l'article: F4 2-3S Toothpick FPV Racing Prix : 140,17 € (Banggood) Empattement: 105mm Matériel: 3K...
Diatone GTB 339F1 Flightone

Diatone GTB 339F1 Flightone

Put Flightone & Diatone Toothpick GTB339F1 together what will happen Spécification : Model :  GTB 339F1 (Cube AIO Version, Use Falcox firmware) Taille : 122mm Caméra:  RUNCAM NANO2 ...
BetaFPV Beta85X HD

BetaFPV Beta85X Cinewhoop HD

    SPECIFICATION Weight: 58g (without battery) Motors: 1105 6000KV with connector Props: EMAX Avan 2" 4-Blades Props FPV Camera: Customized EOS2 Camera ( for FPV version) ...
BetaFPV Pro 2 Series

Beta FPV Pro 2 Series

Beta65 Pro 2 & Beta75 Pro 2 Beta65 Pro 2 SPECIFICATION Weight: 28g (without battery) Motors: 0802 12000KV with connector Props: 40mm 4-blades props, 1.0mm shaft hole Camera: AIO...
FullSpeed TinyLeader Brushless Whoop 75mm

FullSpeed TinyLeader

Brushless Whoop 75mm FullSpeed TinyLeader Brushless Whoop 75mm FPV Racing Drone F4 FC OSD 4In1 ESC Caddx Micro F2 Camera Frsky Receiver BNF by Lewis Lee caddx...

Eachine TRASHCAN 75mm

Specifications: Brand Name: Eachine Name: TRASHCAN Item Name: 2S Brushless Whoop racer drone BNF/PNP Wheelbase: 75mm Size: 98mm*98mm*36mm Weight: 33g(without battery) Weight:48g(with Original 1s 300mah...
Drone Optimus 96mm bruslhess FPV Racing

Optimus 96mm Nano Brushless

Optimus Nano Brushless FPV Racing In the box : OPTIMUS (kit complet) FC Furious PIKO Mini Récepteur (plusieurs choix) FXT805 (micro camera VTX) Moteurs racerstar 1103 8000kv Esc...
DOBBY Pocket PNJ drone

Zerotech DOBBY Pocket (PNJ) Drone 4k

NOUVEAU chez PNJ : DOBBY Pocket Drone 4K     Application : NOUVEAU chez PNJ : DOBBY Pocket Drone 4K DRONE Dimensions du drone déployé...

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