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Download Betaflight 4.0

This release contains all of the changes necessary to support version 4.0 of the Betaflight firmware.

Betaflight 4
Betaflight 4

Betaflight 4.0

betaflight configurator 10.5

betaflight 4 mac os windows linux

New GUI support for the following firmware features:

  • OSD profile configuration / selection;
  • extended logic (AND, coupling of modes) for Modes tab;
  • GPS rescue;
  • D min;
  • integrated yaw;
  • dynamic gyro and D Term low pass filters;
  • multi gyro configuration;
  • throttle limit;
  • new OSD display / statistics elements.


  • direct access to firmware flasher from the header bar;
  • switched GPS tab from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap;
  • ‘Reset Output’ and ‘Copy To Clipboard’ buttons and coloured error messages in the CLI tab;
  • check selected device before rebooting into mass storage device mode;
  • improved drag / drop for OSD elements.

betaflight configurator 10.5