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Gyroflow Stabilization V 1.1.0

Gyroflow Stabilization V1 Video 4K FPV
Gyroflow Stabilization V1 Video 4K FPV

Update : Juin 2022

Flexible workflow

Put a gyro source and a camera together and you’re ready to go. Native support for gyro data from GoPro, Insta360, Sony, Runcam, Drone blackbox etc. and up to 16-bit video processing.

Advanced stabilization

Gyroflow corrects for lens distortion and contains a handful of customizable video smoothing algorithms, including horizon leveling, to achieve exactly the stabilized look you need.

Gyroflow – video stabilization using gyroscope data

Download Gyroflow : v1.1.0

Gyroflow Stabilization download
Gyroflow Stabilization download


  • New accurate synchronization algorithm (huge thanks to @vpinch4!)
  • Stabilization with external gyro sources is now more accurate
  • It is now possible to select device used for processing and rendering
  • Reduced memory usage when doing autosync
  • Improved horizon lock for GoPro Hero 8
  • Added ability to load lens profile from gyro file metadata
  • Added support for transparent videos
  • Added ability to adjust zooming center
  • Included lens profiles submitted by the community
  • Added progress bar when loading gyro data
  • Added progress bar for calculating offsets
  • Added warning if rendering falls back to CPU encoder
  • Full screen mode by double clicking the video
  • Save panel sizes and menu opened states
  • Added an option to guess IMU orientation
  • Added advanced export settings:
    • Custom encoder parameters
    • Ability to preserve other tracks in the file (like timecode)
    • Padding trim range with black frames
    • Setting keyframe distance
  • Added ability to create settings preset
  • Added ability to apply selected settings to all items in render queue
  • Added ability to export .gyroflow file with processed gyro data (eg. for VFX)
  • Improved some ffmpeg error messages
  • New calibration pattern and improved lens calibration speed
  • Bumped Qt from 6.3.0 to 6.3.1

FPV Stabilization Tools :


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