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Lunettes FPV Vuzix iWear

Immersive Field of View
Screen equivalent to 125” screen viewed from 10 feet with 24-bit true color (16 million colors)
Includes optional full immersion face mask. Supports HDMI industry standard 3D content
Built-in batteries allow the pilot to participate in the sport for hours of racing.
Amazing audio with noise-isolation over ear design delivering crystal clear sound.
Caméra :
Video Capture
1080p video with 16:9 aspect ratio
55″ diagonal field of view
Photo Capture
5 megapixel camera.
1 million color pixels per eye
Head Tracking
Features state-of-art head tracking.
Works with hundreds of game titles.
Augmented Reality
Option to mount an Augmented Reality video camera add-on with the iWear.
Support :
Head Tracking
3 Axis Gyro, 3 Axis Accelerometer
3 Axis Magnetic Sensor (compass)
HDMI and USB connectors
Thin single cable connection to iWear®
2D and 3D video support
(side-by-side, over-under, and frame packed).
2 noise cancelling microphones.
Frequency response: 5 – 25,000 Hz
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