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CES 2017 Drone Racing LIVE   All digital HD Drone Racing happening NOW! Watch the LIVE broadcast from @CES with @Vuzix @CONNEX_Amimon #dronerace — That Drone Show (@thatdroneshow) 5 janvier 2017    

Lunettes FPV Vuzix iWear

Immersive Field of ViewScreen equivalent to 125” screen viewed from 10 feet with 24-bit true color (16 million colors)FULL HDMIIncludes optional full immersion face mask. Supports HDMI industry standard 3D contentBatteryBuilt-in batteries allow the pilot to participate in the sport for hours of racing.AudioAmazing audio with noise-isolation over ear design delivering crystal clear sound.Caméra :Video Capture1080p video with 16:9...



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GEPRC Crocodile 7

1080P & PRO (gopro) Model:Crodocile Frame:GEPRC GEP-LC7 Motor to motor: 315mm The thickness of the bottom plate: 2.5mm The thickness of the top plate: 2.5mm ...