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Vortex 230 Mojo by ImmersionRC

Vortex 230 Mojo ImmersionRC

Vortex 230 Mojo by LuGus Studios on Sketchfab Flight Controller Board - CPU: STM32F303 32-bit ARM Processor - IMU: MPU6000, 3-Aixs Gyro, 3-Aixs Accelerometer - Integrated with OSD - Firmware: Betaflight compatible ( with API version matching that of OSD) Brushless Motor BrotherHobby Returner R3 2206 2300KV Shaft Diameter: 5.0mm Motor diameter: 27mm Motor height: 18.5mm Configuration: 12N14P Weight: 28g Propeller HQ 5x4.3 3-Blade Propeller ImmersionRC EzESC 30A ESC Custom 32bit 30A ESC Processor: 32-bit ARM running custom...



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GEPRC Crocodile 7

1080P & PRO (gopro) Model:Crodocile Frame:GEPRC GEP-LC7 Motor to motor: 315mm The thickness of the bottom plate: 2.5mm The thickness of the top plate: 2.5mm ...