BLHeli Configurator 1.2.0 Jazzmaverick
BLHeli Configurator 1.2.0 Jazzmaverick

Blheli Configurator
48hz (beta)

<<< Update 08/2022 >>>
🐝  Configurator 1.2.0 Jazzmaverick : link

Standalone application

To use Configurator, just download the archive for your platform, extract/open and run the app.
There’s no installer yet or auto-update features, so you’ll have to retain archive contents for future use and download a new version when it comes out.

Changes from previous beta version

  • Deleted new Blheli_M settings from individual settings.
  • Added warning message for not in sync cases.
  • Avoid reset pwm frequency default on flash, when it is already configured.


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